Celebrate Christmahanukkwanzaa

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

People of Planet Earth!!! Unite! Celebrate Christmahanukkwanzaa!

Yee Hah!, Folks!,
Finally there's a holiday that includes and honors literally every one from every race, faith, country and culture: Christmahanukkwanzaa!!!! Check out www.christmahanukkwanzaa.com and, by all means, post your ideas here. We have teachers across the country doing lesson plans, and all kinds of people trying to come up with ways to spread the word. We hope you'll jump on board for unity and diversity. If you've moved beyond wanting to just pay lip service to diversity; and if you've decided that tolerance is a thing of the past...that full-on embracing other people is where it's at, then you're celebrating the right holiday now.
People of good heart are digging this idea entirely. Haters kinda just keep on hating. But, hey, we have to wear them down. Somewhere beneath all those layers of intolerance live people who long for openness and love. They're just not there yet. So, it's our job to let a little light into their otherwise not-so-bright lives.
Let's bring this world together through mutual celebration of the beauty, coolness and intrinsic worth of all people...Christmahanukkwanzaa!


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